InfraTrac uses spectroscopy to distinguish counterfeits. Your sample is tested by an instrument that graphs its components’ responses to light, and generates a simple yes-no: Match/No Match. A lab spectrometer is the size of a breadbox, with a standard desktop computer as its interface. For field use, pocket spectrometers are now available. Either version can be operated by a technician without any lab background.

Fast and decisive. In as little as 1 second, your sample is analyzed, and then compared to a database of stored information. If it does not match a known batch, it isn’t legitimate. It’s a counterfeit.

Accurate and easy to use. InfraTrac’s results are highly precise, and can distinguish brands, dates of manufacture, batches, improper handling, and adulterants. Tag your substance using InfraTrac’s patented system, and you can track your materials accurately throughout the supply chain. It’s fast, inexpensive, and fits your current manufacturing process.

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