Vodka mixed with goat urine, masquerading as Chanel No. 5.

Yellow road paint, used as a coating for drug tablets.

Food and drug companies are spending $32 billion a year to protect consumers. But the threat continues to grow. Counterfeiting and economically motivated adulteration jeopardizes reputations and brands, patients and public health.

The U.S. FDA and the European Commission recently recommended multi-layer anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion solutions, to protect the product, not just the cardboard. InfraTrac’s covert fingerprinting is the clear leader: clean and cost-effective. InfraTrac’s formulation-based approach makes QA happy, because it meshes perfectly with Quality by Design (QbD) initiatives, reducing manufacturing waste while making batches traceable. And it’s an elegant and simple solution, so it makes the accountants happy, too.

Background on Counterfeiting:

-House Committee on Energy and Commerce Hearings

-Coalition Against Counterfeiting and Piracy (U.S. Chamber of Commerce)
-Pilot study comparing technologies to test for substandard drugs in field settings
-World Health Organization Fact Sheet on Counterfeit Medicine

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