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Dr. Sharon Flank founded InfraTrac in March, 2006. Her management expertise reaches back to 1981, managing scientists, academics and software engineers. She has led technical efforts for successful commercial products. She spent 10 years at SRA International, where she wrote the company’s first patent and helped create companies later sold to AOL and Kodak. As Chief Technology Officer of eMotion, Inc., she turned around a team of 44 developers and guided them to their first of many on-time software releases for an Internet-based commercial product. Dr. Flank is a frequent speaker on anti-counterfeiting and medication safety. She received her Ph.D. from Harvard and her A.B. from Cornell.

Gary Ritchie is Director of Scientific Affairs for InfraTrac, providing leadership in the creation, coordination and delivery of anti-counterfeiting solutions, hospital verification system setup, analytical instruments, and consultation, training and support programs and services.  He has substantial expertise in developing, directing and coordinating innovative analytical solutions in pharmaceutical analysis.  He is the former Scientific Fellow for Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for the United States Pharmacopeia, Documentary Standards Division. In that capacity, he assisted in the development of process analytical policy for the USP.  For General Chapters, Pharmaceutical Waters, and Statistics Expert Committees, he had oversight over the development, revision and maintenance of over thirty general chapters and monographs that these expert committees support.  He coordinated with government and industry stakeholders on compendial analytical, pharmaceutical waters, and statistical policies. As a lead investigator in the Applied Compendial Research Group, he developed, and implemented experimental protocols for spectroscopy, pharmaceutical water, and statistical experiments, especially using multivariate analysis. He conducted multi-laboratory studies with US FDA and private laboratories to develop reference standards, conduct inter-laboratory studies in Near Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy on the construction of NIR spectral libraries on multiple NIR spectrophotometers across multiple laboratories for the detection and identification of counterfeit pharmaceuticals.  He chaired the ASTMI E13.11 subcommittee on Multivariate Analysis, and is a former member of ASTMI Committee E55 on Pharmaceutical Application of Process Analytical Technology.  He serves on the Editorial Advisory Boards of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and American Pharmaceutical Review.  He was co-developer and co-author of several pharmaceutical analysis process measurement patents using spectroscopy. His multi-disciplinary expertise includes current good manufacturing practices, all facets of FDA product and process regulatory compliance documentation, validation and data submission.

Frederick P. Stluka, of Bristle Software Inc., is the lead designer and developer of InfraTrac’s commercial software for tagging and tracking counterfeits. His big-picture approach to software development for pharmaceutical applications creates scalable, secure, robust systems that smoothly anticipate future changes. The breadth of his skills makes it possible for him to choose approaches that maximize usability and connectivity options, of particular importance in the design of a large-scale system for new technology and multiple user types. For a large multi-national pharmaceuticals company, he developed a 3-tier Web application architecture for clinical trial management software, saving them $15 million per year.

Dr. William H. Flank, InfraTrac’s senior scientist (and the founder’s father), brings the experience of a 30-year industrial research career in chemistry, at Quantachrome Instruments, Union Carbide, and Houdry (Air Products & Chemicals). He has served as Chair of the Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society (twice), and Fellow of ASTM and Award of Merit recipient in recognition of his standards development activities. In addition to his scientific expertise, Dr. Flank brings to InfraTrac a wealth of organizational and management skills, with a strong background in governance processes, strategic planning, organizational and program assessment, personnel evaluation, legal and technical liaison, and inter-agency coordination. He designed and currently teaches courses in research design, statistical analysis and sampling for real-world environmental evaluation and monitoring activities. He has edited three books, and authored over 50 patents and technical papers, primarily on catalysis and molecular sieves. He was accepted as a Fulbright Senior Specialist candidate for a five-year term in 2004.

Dr. Stephen W. Hoag is a tenured associate professor at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. He has written dozens of papers and holds several patents in pharmacy science, focusing on formulation. He has been working with near-infrared spectroscopy for several years. Research areas include (1) sustained release tablet formulation, dissolution testing, mathematical modeling of tablet compaction, design of tablet machine instrumentation, PC-based data acquisition systems, computer-aided manufacture and formulation and testing of nutritional supplements. (2) Use of mass transport theories to mathematically model calcium alginate gel formation and diffusion of bioactive molecules from alginate gels. (3) Prenatal vitamin formulation. (4) Thermal analysis of polymers used in film coating.

Dr. James E. Polli is Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. He received a B.S. in Pharmacy from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science and a Ph.D. (pharmaceutics) from the University of Michigan. Dr. Polli’s research interest revolves around the performance and pharmaceutical quality of orally administered medicines. His two main research interests are maximizing oral bioavailability and developing public quality standards for oral dosage forms. He has published in the areas of dissolution and formulation, drug intestinal permeability, oral bioavailability, in vitro - in vivo correlation, and bioequivalence. He serves as AAPS PDD Chair-Elect, Co-Chair of the FIP BCS Working Group, and member of the WHO Special Interest Group on BA/BE and the USP Expert Committee on Biopharmaceutics. He is an Editorial Board member of Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Molecular Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Research, European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, AAPS PharmSci, and Pharmaceutical Technology.  Dr. Polli has received the AAPS New Investigator Award in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology. He is a licensed pharmacist and teaches professional pharmacy students and graduate students.

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