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InfraTrac, an Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Innovator Secures New Round of Investment

BALTIMORE, MD, July 10, 2007 -- InfraTrac, Inc., a technology company that uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to detect and prevent counterfeiting, today announced it has received funding from the Maryland Technology Development Corp., or TEDCO, through its Maryland Technology Transfer Fund. InfraTrac also confirmed it has received additional investment from venture capital firm, Saffron Hill Ventures headquartered in London, England.

InfraTrac’s tag-and-track product detects counterfeit substances. Most anti-counterfeiting solutions protect the packaging. InfraTrac tags the product itself, including pills, powders, liquids, vaccines, and plastics. Using an optical chemical analyzer, companies can tell in a second whether a product is genuine or not. InfraTrac’s software can also tag and detect gray market, or “diverted,” products, such as Medicare drugs that end up in a retail pharmacy.

“InfraTrac offers the promise of bringing safety and security to the supply chain of high value substances by staying one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated counterfeiters and criminals,” said Dr. Sharon Flank, CEO of InfraTrac. “We’re very pleased to receive additional funding to support efforts in key markets including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfume, and fertilizers and pesticides.”

InfraTrac’s solution includes patent-pending technology used under license from the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy in Baltimore.

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InfraTrac is a technology company that uses near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to detect and prevent counterfeiting of high value formulated and regulated substances including pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumer products. The company’s platform includes two core products: detector software, which enables counterfeit detection using a simple yes-no interface; and encryption software, which enables tagging of client substances, even at the batch level, using patent-pending covert NIR fingerprints. For more information, please visit



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