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Emil W. Ciurczak is a leading expert in spectroscopy, with over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience at companies such as Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy, Merck, and Purdue. He holds multiple patents in spectroscopy. His experience includes patents on a non-invasive blood glucose monitor and another on the supporting software; 40 years of pharmaceutical analysis experience, 25 years of near-infrared experience, 30 years of college-level teaching experience, and numerous technical publications. He lectures frequently and provides training courses on spectroscopic techniques and applications. He literally wrote the book on the topic, with the third edition published in 2007.

Jon Schupp, VP of Cloud Services, OpenText, has 15+ years of experience in building, managing, selling, and delivering B-to-B solutions and services. He has created impressive growth in customer base and revenue, and oversaw an offshore development group of 17 developers. He trained and motivated a 500+ person channel partner field sales force. His Fortune 1000 clients include Pfizer (and Wyeth), ExxonMobil Chemical, and Genentech. When his company was acquired, he was selected (over other executives) to run the operating division. He has two patents. He has previously served on the Board of Directors for a startup, shepherding it from its initial stages to a successful exit. He is a graduate of West Point.

Donna Romer is COO of She is a technology and business executive with extensive experience in start-up business creation and operation; company management, strategy, revenue/channel growth; product/service design & development, launch, and roadmap. Her broad M&A deal experience includes sourcing, contract negotiations, and integration management. InfraTrac benefits in particular from her extraordinary technology and product innovation. She has 20-plus years of experience in executive leadership, beginning at Kodak. She founded Romer + Associates, a successful M&A practice, where she provided deal leadership, channel expansion and company integration services. Prior to that, she worked in the venture capital community as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for EastWest VentureGroup, a California VC with focus on the rich media and internet infrastructure space. She also holds nine patents.

Devinder Bawa of Think Tank Inc. brings expertise in medical technology, with a 26-year track record of successfully starting and leading health care and technology companies in entrepreneurial ventures. His experience includes leadership roles in establishing integrated delivery networks in several major US markets with world-class healthcare systems such as Sentara, the Cleveland Clinic, Inova, and Holy Cross. He also played a key role in TriCare’s first managed care demonstration project and had primary responsibility for establishing the first Medicare HMO in Virginia. At heart an entrepreneur, his past ventures include medical devices as well as technology game changers. He holds a BA in US Government from the University of Virginia and a Masters in Health Administration from the Medical College of Virginia/VCU.

David Ian Forbes, Director of Product Design at FedBid, brings to InfraTrac over two decades experience in usability, information and interaction design, and advertising and marketing. Before FedBid, he was CEO of Contextware, which he founded in 2001. Contextware offered commercial and government organizations a highly innovative method for managing institutional knowledge, and among his many patented innovations, reinvented business process methods so that business processes could be modeled and managed over the internet using simple web interfaces. Prior to Contextware, he was responsible for branding, product marketing and usability engineering for a Kodak digital asset technology spin off. He has also worked in corporate marketing, for advertising agencies, and in film and video production.

Dr. Howard Mark, of Mark Electronics, consults with InfraTrac on NIR. The founder of The Near Infrared Research Corporation and the winner of the EAS award for Achievement in Near Infrared Spectroscopy for 2003, Dr. Mark has worked with NIR since 1976 when he joined Technicon Instrument Corp. In the R&D department, Dr. Mark implemented many "firsts" for NIR. He created the first universal calibration, performed the first application of NIR to many industries, designed the first extended-range filter instruments and internal-reference double-beam monochromator instruments, created the first qualitative analysis software for NIR. He designed, developed, modified and optimized the instruments and associated software and ensured that the instruments performed their functions to the level needed to satisfy the user requirements. In the Applications department, he worked with customers in the chemical and other industries to install, implement, calibrate the instruments and ensure that the entire installation met the customer's needs. He is now an independent consultant for NIR, helping instrument developers (both start-ups and established companies) and users (pharmaceutical, medical devices and other companies) get the most out of NIR. Dr. Mark also teaches NIR courses in Amsterdam and New Brunswick under the auspices of the Center for Professional Advancement, and also privately.

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